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  • Envelope - 5cm(h) x 20cm(w) x 30cm(l)
  • A4 Paper box - 40cm(h) x 40cm(w) x 40cm(l)
  • Stock box 1 - 10cm(h) x 10cm(w) x 15cm(l)
  • Stock box 2 - 15cm(h) x 15cm(w) x 23cm(l)
  • Stock box 3 - 25cm(h) x 15cm(w) x 25cm(l)
  • Stock box 4 - 30cm(h) x 23cm(w) x 30cm(l)
  • Stock box 5 - 30cm(h) x 30cm(w) x 45cm(l)
  • Stock box 6 - 30cm(h) x 45cm(w) x 61cm(l)
  • Stock box 7 - 50cm(h) x 45cm(w) x 45cm(l)
  • Pallet - 100cm(h) x 120cm(w) x 120cm (l)
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